About Georgia

When we first got accepted into Peace Corps Georgia, we got heart-felt congratulations and many questions. One of the first questions we receive is, “Where are you serving?” Once we say Georgia, the conversation goes in a few ways:

  1. “Oh, I didn’t know Peace Corps sends you to Georgia!” In which their assumption is that Peace Corps also serves in the United States, which is does not.
  2. “Oh, that is not too far from your family,” see assumption number 1.
  3. “Where is that?” In which they know the Peace Corps is international and they genuinely want to know where it is.
  4. “Oh, that is cool, but didn’t they have something with Russia a few years ago?” but this response is rare.

So, where is Georgia? Well, it is in a sweet spot of what some like to call Eurasia.

Georgia Map

So here is some cool trivia facts about Georgia:

  • Yes, they have their own language. They speak Georgian! It is one of the most ancient written languages out there, with its own unique alphabet.
  • Stalin was born there! This is something I don’t remember learning when reading Animal Farm by George Orwell in high school.
  • They are big on food, wine, and hospitality- but something unique is the females shouldn’t really drink in public.

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